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Tuesday, 12 July 2011 16:34


by Lynn Gipson

Put your weary soul at ease,
And walk through the garden with me.
Flowers of hope, peace, and tranquility,
Blooms of grace for miles to see.  Read More

2.Thank you Lord by Louis Gander

I felt I was trampled by thousand-cow herd -
and hoped I could write it in poetic word -
but first I sat down and I started to pray,
and saw God's creation so all I could say,
was "Thank You!"  Read More

3. The Light of His Glory By Deborah Ann Belka

Lord, I want to bring You glory,
I want to do right by You
I want the light of Your salvation   Read More

4. One Exceptional Word by Louis Gander

The perfect word that comforts and heals  Read More

5. .The Worlds Greatest Love Letter By Deborah Ann Belka

God has written a love letter to you. Read More

6. . Black or White by GodsChild

You need to decide for yourself if you are in God’s league or in the world’s league. You cannot have both.    Read more……….

7. Oh my love by Beatrice Ofwona

He is God and He is faithful. Let Him be God....Read More

8.  I Shall Not Live Like A Godless Person Sad, Scared Or Stressed Out By Miriam Kinaii

Discover why you should not be sad, scared or stressed out regardless of your cirircumstances...Read More

9.  For Jesus Christ, for whom I am a prisoner by Beatrice Ofwona

The love of God is all embracing, we need to sometimes sit still and ponder over it. His love is never  ending, no matter who we are....Read More

10.  The Pilgrims prayer. By Laura Swindon-Ross

A prayer for the earnest pilgrim. Read More.

11. A Prayer for Every Age. By Laura Swindon-Ross

A prayer to live as per the Lord's pan. Read more..



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