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Tuesday, 19 July 2011 20:18
  1. Active Rest
    By Abby Kelly 

    And after those seasons of slow movement, rest and recovery, I will be able to serve Him longer, in more difficult circumstances and with a stronger faith. Read More

  2. Only as Old as You Feel

    "Moses was 120 years old when he died; his eyes were not weak, and his vitality had not left [him] (Deuteronomy 34:7 H.C.S). How do you compare?

    Read More

    By Dudley Anderson

    Depression often develops out of anxiety, sadness or low esteem. Everyone experiences emotions like these from time to time but it's when these types of emotions become malignant that depression sets in. Read More

  4. Healing - Why Not Everyone By Mick Alexander

    Physical sickness is a reality of life and, putting aside unnatural events, we are all going to die from some health problem. I believe that we should confess our sins and pray for healing and for the faith to gracefully accept whatever God chooses to do with our life. Read more

  5. Physical Health Through Scripture 1
    by Paul Taylor

    God's plan is for his people to live a healthy and wholesome lifestyle, free of various diseases so rampant in today's society, and with biblical scriptures to help us achieve a healthy lifestyle. Read more

  6. Walk This Journey With Me Jesus
    by lynn gipson

    Like a thief in the night, disease creeps through the body threatening to drive one to breaking point. Read more

  7. Why everyone suffers rejection
    by Nellie Shani

    Human beings suffer rejection the most during childhood and adolescence. Because we will be rejected at one time or other, we need to build positive "shock-absorbers". Read more

  8. Letting Go of Past Hurts
    by Peter Stone

    How to get rid of bitterness, anger and unforgiveness: the typical responses to injustices, and walk free. .Read more

  9. The Benefits of Diet and Exercise
    by Nellie Shani

    Whether we live a life where we are constantly sick and tired, or live a life of robust health and strength is a choice that each one of us has the luxury of making. Read More

    By Margaret Muiru.

    It is important for one to build up a healthy self image or self respect. This involves encouraging a positive but realistic attitude: appreciating yourself while behaving responsibly towards others.. Read more……

  11. Christian Addiction Treatment By Miriam Kinai

    Discover the 4 simple things you need to do to STOP addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, illicit drugs, prescription medication, food, sugar, sex, pornography, gambling, video games, internet surfing, watching TV, shopping, working and exercising. Then learn the other simple things you need to do to attain spiritual, physical and mental wholeness and eradicate the shame, guilt and hopelessness associated with addiction. Read more...

  12. Symptoms of a Midlife Crisis What Can I Do? By Greg Baker

    It is  is important to recognize some of the main symptoms of a midlife crisis before you can do anything about them. This article will outline the top three symptoms and what you can do.  Read More...

  13. Christian Weight Loss: Three Winning Attitudes
    by Kimberly Floyd

    Three winning attitudes can help your Christian weight loss efforts:

    * I am responsible
    * I face reality
    * I have a "no excuses" attitude.  Read More
  14. The Affected Teens - Dealing with Autistic Teenagers

    by Edward Freedom

    April is autism month. This article is on handling puberty in teenagers affected by autism. It is important to practice patience and understanding. Read More

  15. Top Ten Holistic Depression Treatment Techniques By Miriam Kinai

    Learn how to treat depression holistically by combining prescription medications, Biblical principles, psychotherapy, social therapy, aromatherapy, writing, talking, music and art therapy as well as dietary changes and herbal supplements....Read More

  16. Why Jesus Is the Best Stress Management Therapist By Miriam Kinai

    If you have been seeking professional help from psychiatrists, family doctors, psychotherapists, family therapists, financial advisers or social workers, understand that even as you continue following their recommendations,...Read More

  17. Trails of Cervical Cancer

    Your behaviour/situation is a major risk factor; sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are to the most part preventable Read more…

  18. Breast Cancer Through the Eyes of this Nurse By Marijo Phelps

    I am pouring out my heart and soul to this piece of paper still not knowing if this frontal assault and the prayers of so many did the job in eradicating that terror with the short name, cancer.  Read More

  19. Autism Awareness: Accommodating those among us with Mental Disabilities. By: Tecla Ndambuki.

    Learn the facts about autism and get empowered to help people with disabilities. Read more….

  20. I8 checks to ensure that you remain healthy at any age

    There is plenty that women can do to remain healthy and hearty. This includes healthy habits, preventive medicines and screening tests which can find diseases early when they are easier to treat. Read more

  21. Banishing MENTAL ILLNESS

    Do you or someone you know suffer from mental illness? Do not despair. Learn about mental illness; causes, prevention sand healing. Read more…….

  22. Coping with Epilepsy

    By Tecla Ndambuki

    Many people get scared when they witness somebody having an epileptic fit. Few understand that it is a sickness like any other and attribute it to witchcraft, curses, and devil possession. . Read more











The Affected Teens - Dealing with Autistic Teenagers

by Edward Freedom

April is autism month. This article is on handling puberty in teenagers affected by autism. It is important to practice patience and understanding. Read More

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