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Saturday, 16 July 2011 20:39

  1. Hosea: The Broken Heart of God

    By Ken Barnes

    I love you. Every day I have longed for you. My heart has never lost its love for you and not once did I give up hope that you would return... Read More

  2. Defeating the Giant of Habitual Sin with 6 Simple Biblical Principals

    By Kim Hubbard

    Ways to get rid of sinful habits that have become a routine part of our lifestyle: like jealousy, lying, drugs and other addictions. "God grades on a cross and not a curve".  Read More

  3. What I Have Learned in Turning Forty

    By Stephanie Reck

    I had been given things I did not want, nor did I think they were fair. I tried for many years to cover up my pain, to avoid my pain, to desire someone else's life, and even plotted ways I could escape my life because I was so displeased with my life. Read More

  4. The 5 Biggest Threats to Christianity

    "... it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." (Jude 1:3)
    There are many serious threats to Christianity, some from within the church and others external to the church. And here, not in any particular order, are five of the biggest.  Read More

  5. How to Overcome the Fear of Death

    Fear of death has multiple components. There is the fear of the manner of death, and then there's the fear of what happens to us immediately after death. Where do we go? What will the next life be like? These questions have been plaguing humanity for centuries. Read More

    By Wangari Murathe

    Nobody can do a better job of being you than yourself, so you should only compare yourself with others as a means of realistically assessing yourself, with a view to continuous improvement. Read More

  7. Love and Judgment

    By Don Pedal

    We need to judge or correct others in a spirit of love, compassion and humility. We should avoid self righteousness, and insensitivity to other people's needs and circumstances.Read More

  8. Pity Parties

    By Steve Countryman

    Wallering is what pigs do in the mud and they don't mind staying right there.Having pity parties isolates you from your friends, your family, your hope, your future and from your God. How can we expect to have faith in our powerful God who wants us to prosper as our souls prosper if we waste our time and energy in our pity parties? Read More

  9. Understanding Mental and Emotional Stability

    By Stephanie Reck

    Spiritual maturity and emotional maturity go hand-in-hand; you cannot have one without the other. Emotional health involves knowing your limits, and not reacting act of emotions to circumstances. Everyone has limits, and it is wise to know yours. Read More

  10. Are You a Religious Fanatic?

    By Pam Ford Davis

    It may be you need additional fanatical faith to enable you to share the gospel. Read More

  11. Speaking in Tongues
    By Gregory John Monroe

    What I am saying is that if tongues spoken doesn't line up with biblical teachings, one should consider that the catalyst for such speaking isn't the Holy Spirit, but is an unholy spirit dressed in righteousness.  Read More
  12. The American Gospel Exposed

    By Rick L King

    How could anyone with God's love in their heart build such a kingdom for self when there are so many hurting people, homeless people, and financially broke people in America. How do they sleep at night? How can they have the audacity to ask people for money to support their lavish life styles? Read More

  13. Are You Blessed or Just Prosperous?
    By Dr. Henderson Ward

    Too many believers are confusing being blessed with being prosperous, and currently there are those so called "prosperity preachers" who are stoking the flames of this unfortunate obsession with prosperity and leading many along the pathway of perdition. Read More

  14. Intentional Disciple Making
    by Louise Lee

    Intentional disciple making is a powerful process because it produces world-changers from ordinary people. It takes more than just a paradigm shift, but also turning faith into action. Several elements are essential...  Read more.

  15. 10 Ways To Overcome The Force Of Giving Up Today
    By Ngozi Nwoke

    When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. Read More

  16. NEW TESTAMENT Summary Book By Book
    by Dr. Henderson Ward

    Believers of all denominations, and interested persons and Bible students, will find these book by book summaries useful whenever they read and inquire into the Word of God. Read More

  17. OLD TESTAMENT Summary Book By Book
    by Dr. Henderson Ward

    Believers of all denominations, and interested persons and Bible students, will find these book by book summaries useful whenever they read and inquire into the Word of God.
    Read More

  18. Thanksgiving Quotes We should give thanks. It's God's will, and it is good for us: it has been scientifically proven that gratitude has the strongest link to mental well being than any other character trait. It gives a physical energy boost, makes one less anxious,  helps in attaining higher emotional intelligence, fosters a more forgiving attitude, keeps one feeling socially connected, and helps in getting  better sleep. It boosts health and happiness. Read More

  19. Victory in Jesus

    By Toni Babcock
    Every Christian should make it their habitual practice to pick their battles wisely, to put on the whole armor of God and stand firm on the foundation of Christ. Here are a few strategies helpful in maintaining victory in the cross of Christ. Read More

  20. There's a Whole lot of Shaking going on
    by Jack Vorster

    If you are filled with anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, envy, jealousy and vengeance then these are the things that will come to the fore when others start shaking sensitive areas of your life. Read  More

  21. Robbed Again!
    by Steve Countryman

    We should not allow ourselves to be robbed of one of God's most sought after blessings. Read  More

  22. Follow God 5: No Turning Back

    By Deborah Brunt

    Eager to be real leaders who have actual followers, we may go to great lengths to protect whatever has provided the followers we have. We may pursue with passion what promises to provide us more. When we fall into this mindset, however, it takes us far from the place we started, the day we said with deep conviction, "I have decided to follow Jesus no turning back, no turning back." Read More


  23. Follow God 4: Have a Caleb Spirit
    By Deborah Brunt

    In today's church culture, politics is a fact of life. But you, be blessed to have a different spirit - a spirit like Caleb had. Read More

  24. Follow God 3: Hear His Voice
    By Deborah Brunt

    Many people think, "It was much easier for people to know Jesus' voice when he walked the earth. If we could only hear him with our physical ears, we would understand what he says." As logical as that sounds, it's not true. Read More

  25. Follow God 2: Don't Be Fooled by Counterfeits
    By Deborah Brunt
    Because our Lord doesn't walk the earth today, we may talk about following Jesus without knowing at all how it looks. We may think we're following him when, in fact, we've been fooled by counterfeits. Read More

  26. The ABC of Christian Leadership: Don't Omit the Obvious

    Even a cursory look at all levels of leadership in our churches, denominations, networks and ministries reveals that what should be foundational is often absent. For all our learning about leading, we often do not know how to follow God. Read More

  27. WHY ME?

    By Tesh Njokanma

    Are you weighed down, sad and distraught? Read this for encouragement and a divine lifting. Read More

  28. Shameful Me

    By Steve Countryman

    How shameful to treat God like our personal genie who is here to give us all we desire and leave Him on a shelf the rest of the time. Read More

  29. Imagined Enemies
    By Bolaji Olusola Timothy

    As it is possible that power and weaknesses of a man's enemy is magnified, likewise it is possible to combat a non-existing challenge, problem and responsibility that is only conceived by our imagination Read More
  30. On the Meaning of Mercy

    By William Ryzek

    Christians can be very, very self-righteous; failing to see their need for mercy and, therefore, unable to grant it either. This should give us pause to consider how we treat each other as Christians and how we treat those outside the faith. Read More

  31. Wisdom Delivers From An Immoral Lifestyle by Willetta Pilcher

    The immoral really do reap, in their own body, the fruit of their ways. The scriptures warn us. If we are wise, we will listen to the warning.Read More

  32. Christians Need to Be Cautious in End-Times Matters

    There is much speculation and discussions on end times as well as false predictions on the timing. We should not underestimate the potential damage of false prophecies on people. Read More

  33. Grief and Art of Motorcycle Racing

    By Anthony Weber
    What do we do when the road of life gets really hard? Some counter- intuitive lessons from motorcycle riding.

    Read More

  34. Your Body Follows Your Mind
    by Anthony Weber
    As we follow Christ, it's important that we realize that the "thoughts and intents of our heart" matter.
    Read More

  35. I Live RENEWED!

    By Karen Anderson

    Embracing what God does is the best thing you can do for Him. Don't become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You'll be changed from the inside out. Read More

  36. God's Enormous Energy

    By Marsha Barrow

    Niagara Falls displays a divine, breathtaking, miraculous, and heaven-sent vision."Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and billows have swept over me" (Psalm 42:7 E.S.V ). Read More

  37. Up In Smoke

    by Jennifer Hamner

    I tell anyone that wants to quit that there is no need to waste money on gimmicks or to just give in to the habit because they feel like a failure. Take it to God. He will and can take it away from you. Read More

  38. A Valentine from God By Ron Quinlan

    " I want you to come to me so that you can know my peace, my joy, my love. I want to set you free from the fears that plague you, the worries and anxieties that are tearing you apart, the guilt that is robbing your joy... Read More
  39. How To Act On God's Word Of Faith To Obtain Results

    by Ngozi Nwoke

    Many people believe but lack the corresponding actions. This article is to give you an insight on how to act on the word in order to obtain results..Read more

  40. Extra Mile With the Master
    By Bolaji Olusola Timothy

    We struggle with society to try to restore Eden--we gain a little ground, then society wins out again because their way is the easy way out--ignorance, pleasure, and selfishness. Here's a solution which I think covers all the bases. Read more

  41. Extraordinary Lessons in Ordinary Places: The Journey from Head Knowledge to Heart Revelation By Ken Barnes

    God works in the mundane activities of life to apply his principles to our lives. My missionary life (in the kitchen) enabled be to bridge the character disconnect. Read more

  42. Amazing Grace- The Beauty of Grace By Isabella Kang

    The words of the well-known hymn "Amazing Grace" were written by John Newton, a former slave trader who was transformed by the power of salvation. Read more

  43. Will You Ride Again
    By Kevin Elliot

    Many men are not acting like Real Men should. The author pulls on Biblical and Cultural teachings in an attempt to re-educate men on how to honor God in how they interact with women. Read more

  44. Code of Eden
    By Kevin Elliot

    We struggle with society to try to restore Eden--we gain a little ground, then society wins out again because their way is the easy way out--ignorance, pleasure, and selfishness. Here's a solution which I think covers all the bases. Read more

  45. Astrology is not a Christians' Heavenly Guide
    by Gregory John Monroe

    Astrology is part of the family called the "magic arts." Other family members are divination, fortune-telling, witchcraft, sorcery, and spiritualism.Seeking answers by indulging in astrology, even frivolously, courts the danger of worshiping supernatural entities other than God; even to the point of denying Him Read more

  46. Come and See -Part 3-  Taking Folks to Jesus' House
    by Jerry Ousley

    When Philip saw Jesus and realized where He lived, he couldn't wait to tell others about Him. He went immediately to get Nathaniel so he could share this experience with him.Read more
  47. Come and See - Part 2 - Where Jesus Lives

    by Jerry Ousley

    Jesus lives in the expectation of eternal life. He has eternal life. Men have desired a way to live on and not die. But when we come to Jesus Christ we come into the promise of eternal life. Jesus lives in the victory of knowing we can conquer and win this spiritual battle with the world, in the joy of the Lord, in true love for God and our fellow man, in peace that no one can naturally understand, and in absolute truth. Read More

  48. Come and See - Part 1 - The Lamb of God
    by Jerry Ousley

    John had told them to look and see Jesus, and he was basically telling them that this man would be the one who could remove the sin of the world. That's something to see. You don't find an individual everyday that can do that. Read More

  49. Are You Two Faced

    Two faced could mean hypocritical and deceitful, but it could also mean going into the future with the lessons of the past, or crossing the road after looking both ways. This January, resolve to be two-faced in the good way! Read more

  50. God's Tapestry

    by Karen Anderson

    Every moment of every day creates a pattern like a beautiful tapestry that shows how you live your life. Do not let bad habits, addictions, wrong words, or actions destroy the lovely work of your life.Make it beautiful for the Lord. Read More

  51. The Other Dimension: Obsession with the Spirit World and the Occult By Paul Taylor

    The statistics are staggering as to the number of people searching for information on the dead, the occult, and the art of witchcraft and incantations.The entertainment industry has put out a string of movies and television series based on the spirit world, but not consistent with the teachings of the Holy Bible. Read more

  52. Concerning the Elderly
    by: Judith Johnson Kypta

    Elderly people want our companionship, love, understanding and most of all, our "Utmost Respect!" In return, we will gain much from their wisdom and practical insight. Read more

  53. Balancing the Stress of Work and Private Life
    by Janet Riley

    With my husband in a hospice, the personal stress has spilled over into my work life. I have had to reach out for support and I trust God hour by hour, day by day. I need to ask for His grace, I can't do this on my own strength. Read more
    by Dr. Henderson Ward

    There are three indispensable qualities of any black person trying to get elected by white America: intelligence (wisdom and tact),  calmness (free of anger and rage),and media-compatible. These ensured Obama's win. Read more


    by Dr. Henderson Ward

    When people cast their vote in November for their choice of President, whatever the mass media thinks makes no difference, people will remember where the country was in 2008 and where it is now. This reflection will prompt in particular four vital, and in my view deterministic questions as follows:Is the country better or worse off than it was in 2008?, Are people more safe or less safe than in 2008?, Is America more at peace with itself and the world since 2008? Which candidate inspires hope, trust, compassion, and stability? America will re-elect President Obama in November not because they relish a rosy future with him at the helm leading them into much prosperity but because they fear a Romney presidency will take them back to the dark days of 2008. In America fear always trump optimism. Read More

    by Guy Humphries

    The HEART gives a human the ability to think, plan, will, feel, worship and interact with God and other people. Those who are not living according to God's will have hearts that are hard, darkened, rebellious, callous, unfeeling, or idolatrous. Read more

  57. People You Know: Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody
    by Karen Anderson
    "There is the story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done, and Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody sure could have done" --Author Unknown   Read More

  58. Complacency Kills

    by Eyvonne Black

    Our window of opportunity may only come once, so think about the desires God had placed in your heart and Do it!. Read more

    by Annie Mang'eere

    Sometimes the christian experience is difficult and some people give up, believing it cannot be lived. Here is some guidance on how not to despair in christian living. Read more

  60. Dealing With Pride
    by Stanley Hasegawa

    Many men are driven by driven by stats, standing and status as a measure of their accomplishments. Read more

    by Dr. Henderson Ward

    Everywhere you look you will find counterfeits, hypocrites, shams, scams, pretenders and those dedicated to misguiding and conning you. They are everywhere including the church. Here are some tips for finding them out. Read More

  62. Why Doesn't God Perform Some Spectacular Miracle And Prove Himself?
    by Marilyn Adamson

    Why are there no clearly visible miracles today that shout -- without a shadow of a doubt -- to everyone in the world: "There is a God!'?" Read More

    by Dr. Henderson Ward
    Everywhere we look we see people who are pretending to be what they are not and many people are being fooled. This is serious anywhere but especially so in the church. Here we look at false church leaders.  Read More

  64. Christian Relationship Help: Five Characteristics of a Narcissist
    by Karla Downing

    Jesus was constantly aware of what was in the heart of the people he dealt with. He knew when people were willing to hurt him, when people were insincere, when people were manipulating him, and when people were pretending. You need to know who you are dealing with so you can respond in a way that is wise Read More

  65. Why everyone suffers rejection
    by Nellie Shani

    Human beings suffer rejection the most during childhood and adolescence. Because we will be rejected at one time or other, we need to build positive "shock-absorbers". Read more

    by Dr. Henderson Ward

    Mighty men often do not understand simple concepts, simple instructions or even simple things of nature, preferring to ignore and misconstrue the simple in their intellectual quest for complexity, disorder and hidden meaning. Remember Naaman who thought that simply dipping seven times in the Jordan river on the instructions of the prophet too simplistic for healing?Read more

    by Don Chuckie

    Patience  plus Perseverance raised by the power of Preparedness is equals to Due Process which when multiplied by its incremental stages or sure progressions, certainly leads to True Success. Read More
    by Don Chuckie

    An  assured principle that one can consciously apply in order to either accentuate the positive and not the negative or to focus on strengths and not on weaknesses; is to maximize the maximum and minimize the minimum". Read More

  69. Is It Possible for Christians to Lose Salvation? A Few Miscellaneous Thoughts
    by Max Aplin

    It is not possible for someone who has literally been born to become unborn, they claim, so the use of this metaphor for becoming a Christian likewise shows that it is not possible to become spiritually unborn and lose salvation. Read More

  70. Manifesting Heaven on Earth Today

    By Ngozi Nwoke

    Heaven is a place of joy, contentment, and peace. A place of beauty, riches and blessings. No tears, sadness, pain, regret or suffering is accommodated there. It is free of sickness and disease. And nothing defiled is given access into the kingdom. Read More

  71. Who You are not!

    By Steve Countryman

    You have changed. You are no longer that person people knew. You are constantly being updated as you live out a new life full of meaning and purpose. Read More

  72. God is not Fair

    By Annie Glasel

    What if God was fair and gave you what you deserved?  Read More

  73. Lack of Peace Of Mind: The Root Cause

    By Ngozi Nwoke

    Any moment you cease to look up to Jesus (the prince of peace) for anything, peace will disappear from you. When your focus shifts from Jesus, it lands on carnality, fear, anxiety, troubled mind, etc. Read More

  74. Who Is Responsible For Securing Peace In Your Life Today?

    By Ngozi Nwoke

    Do you desire to enjoy peace in your life? Peace is an awesome virtue that everybody desires to have; but many lack. This peace is very much available, if you seek for it in the right place.  Read More.

  75. Charismatic Churches and Their Attitude to Hardship A major weakness in many charismatic churches today is the failure to recognize that hardship is part of what the New Testament describes as the normal, successful Christian life. This article addresses this issue, looking at the Biblical evidence.  Read More
  76. Never Give Up!

    by Melodie Michelle Wood

    The Lord delivered me from drugs and a life on the streets, homelessness and horrors that no one should ever have to see. He loves you enough to deliver you too !     Read More

By Henderson Ward

Do you sometimes feel that you are missing the mark in your relationship with Christ? Which reward are you seeking, and why is it so long in coming?  Read More

6. How far Can You See?

By John Seun

Many rely too much on experience. However God is a creative God: the approach you used yesterday to get results might not work today. So there is need to always ask God . Read More

6. Attitude is Everything

By Steve Countryman

The Bible's messages can all be summed up by attitude. It is God's simple design that challenges man's ability to achieve.; to achieve God's attitude, God's character. Read More

7. Exodus: Desiring Captivity

by Randa Abdelmaseih

The people of Israel were delivered out of Egypt by God's mighty arm. But no sooner had their first obstacle appeared than they wanted to go back to the life they knew. All too often a victim feels dependent on the offender and is afraid to go forth to the Promised land. Do you want to go back to Egypt? Read More

6. Are You a Perfectionist or Someone Who Values Doing Things Well?
by Karla Downing

Let go of perfectionism and strive instead for doing your best and letting that be good enough. That is offering yourself the same grace God gives you. Read More

7. Acceptance by Steve Countryman
Acceptance, approval, diversity and tolerance can all be forms of compromise. How high a price are you willing to pay for compromise? Read More

8.Four Things That Will Make You Enjoy Your Life

Ecclesiastes 5:18 says, "It is good for people to eat, drink, and enjoy their work under the sun" (NLT). Here are four things you can do that will make you enjoy your life... Read More


by Dr. Henderson Ward

No man knows the day or the hour when our Lord will come again, but all the indications are that these are the last days and you should take no chances with your destiny.  Read More


by Dr. Henderson Ward

As we reflect on this topic, surviving the storms of life, we should remind ourselves of a gripping account of surviving a real storm by reading the report as chronicled in Acts 27:14-29. Read More

9. The Pain Of The Labels They Put On Us! By Mary Isaacs

When we put negative labels on people, it makes us feel more significant and self righteous.  it makes them feel stigmatized and may have the effect of driving them to self pity. Look for a positive to help people who are less endowed than you are while ensuring that they maintain their self esteem. Read More

10. TALENT MATTERS! By Beatrice Ofwona

With no set goals, we direct our loyalty to trivial matters. Yet these goals must be aligned with the talents that the Lord, our God has given to us. We are the custodians of these talents but we are meant to do more with them than just keeping them; we are meant to use them. In the aforementioned parable we learn several lessons.. Read More

The pain and horrible suffering of Jesus associated with Good Friday gives way inevitably to the unsurpassed joy and blessedness of Easter. That is how it was and again will be in the scheme of divine ordinances; for the depressing gloom and chill of midnight will surely give way to the powerful brightness and warmth of sunshine just as every believer, enduring the travails and torments of this hapless earthly journey will be transported to a totally different life of majestic and unimaginable splendor in the world to come. Read More

12.Two Powerful Tools For Securing Supernatural Intervention
by Ngozi Nwoke

What can one use to secure supernatural intervention? Human beings are limited and are constantly searching for ways to become unlimited in life. This world is full of challenges, many of which are beyond what you and I can handle even if we try. But there is a higher power that we can connect to and these challenges will become walk-overs. Read More

13.Reflection After Whitney Houston's Death

By Angel Casiano

We can talk about her drug abuse and her terrible marriage but who are we to judge?  Here I see this beautiful, talented and powerful woman, whose life seemed to have ended under water in a bathtub. I can't hold back my tears!  Read More

14. Why Lord, Why? By Scott Bruton

I believe that everybody, yes everybody, at some point has asked God, "Why do bad things happen to good people Lord?" "Why am I sick Lord?" "Why did You take my spouse, or child, away from me Lord?" "Why did that accident happen Lord?"  Read More.

15The Light That Gives Sight by Beatrice Ofwona

There is no situation from which our God cannot lift us. He can bring our dried out bones of hope to life....Read More

13. Come and See by Beatrice Ofwona

The spiritual dryness in our lives may have been occasioned by our having moved away from the Lord.   God never changes and never leaves us, He remains the same. Oh that we may have the desire and hunger to see Him as He is!....Read More

14.  The Value of a Good Deed. By Wangari Murathe

It is by faith that we get salvation. Salvation imbues the Holy Spirit to indwell in us; to teach, guide, and encourage us. Through faith we can do great things, even move mountains (Matthew 17: 20-21). However, often the smallest things with do to show love to others in need are the ones which bring more fully to us the fruits of the Holy Spirit.... Read More

15. SPIRITUAL VISION By Felix Onyango

"What the does not see, the heart does not grieve for", goes an old English proverb. When one is able by spiritual insight or vision, to see into the things laid up for him within God's word, then a passion is birthed which pushes such a one to pursue that which has been thus seen. Read more....

by Percila Njiru

I pray to God for our Love Life, that we may forever grow and shine more and more for Him, Loving Him and our neighbors with the same Love that is of Him. Read more...

How wonderful it is when you get the vital truth! All you need to know is all about the truth! Be filled with God's truth and walk in victory. Read more...

18. THE DEVIL'S TOOLS By Justus Ondieki
Never give in to the enemies ideas! Read more

19.THE REASON WHY By Mike Shoemake

Do all of your problems seem to be someone else's fault? Why is that? Many people seem to be frustrated with the lack of perceived fairness in this world, seeing themselves as victims. But the truth can be unsettling. What if the world was actually fairer than you thought? Read More..

20. LIVING IN VICTORY By Justus Ondieki

Victory is on your side. Just go for it! Read More..

19.PURSUE YOUR CALL By Justus Ondieki
There is no better sacrifice than obedience! Look what happened to Jonah. He paid all expenses in another ship and started off to Tarshish. He was going to Tarshish. Nobody sent him there. It was his decision. It  was an alternative to escape from God s presence. Read More..

20. TOUCHING HIS GARMENT. By Justus Ondieki

The blood of Jesus cleanses and washes our sins away. Come, let's run to Jesus He is more than able to take away your iniquity. He will give you the hope that you need. Read More

21. How to Know If You Are a Christian. By Ngozi Nwoke

Many people profess to be Christians but their actions are far from what you would expect from a Christian. This gives rise to this question- how will you know a Christian? Also, many teachings in the world now make people to wonder if they are really Christians. This article is to answer these questions.  Read More..

22. 10 Reasons To Trust The Faithfulness  of God. By Ngozi  Nwoke

What has God promised you in His word or laid in your heart that is yet to be fulfilled? Do you wonder whether God will still do what He said He would do for you? I have good news for you - God is faithful to keep all His promises to you now and forever more. Read More..

23.Finding the Purpose of God in Your Life. By Frank King

Some people spend decades trying to find God's purpose for their life. In this article, the writer shares practical advice in this area based on his personal experience. Read more

24 The Simplicity of Faith by Toni Babcock

It's an unsettling thought, but those of us who profess to know and love the Savior can still teeter on the edge of surrendering our full assurance of faith to that old accuser of the brethren we know of as the devil. Read more

25. Looking Unto Jesus by Toni Babcock
True value is recognized when we acknowledge and believe who we are in Christ, and get our eyes off of people. Read more

26. Evidences of a Spirit Filled Christian. By Greg Baker

The most important aspect of the Christian life is your relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Being Spirit filled is not determined by your position in Church, how well you keep the rules, to what degree people recognize your spirituality, or how much influence you wield over others. Read more..

27  Those Who Find Them.  By Mark Baker

Cherish the Seed of God's word. 

28. The whole Armor of God. By James Alford

"Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6: 11-12.   Read more...

29. How to be Saved. By David Ingram

People often hear the terms "born again Christian" or "saved by grace", but for many the meaning remains a mystery. The Bible offers firm guidance on what it takes to be saved, and how any individual can become a born again Christian. Read more...

30 The Fruits of the Spirit. By David Ingram

The fruit of the spirit consists of those traits which manifest themselves in believers' lives as a result of leading a Spirit-filled life and continually seeking after God. Read more...

31. Is Jesus Coming Back Soon? By Jim Barringer

I think it's time to take an objective look at Scripture and see if Jesus is really coming back imminently. In Matthew 24 he gives us four signs, by which we can know that the end is near. Are these four signs being fulfilled in our time?   Read more..

32. The end of the World By Henry Bechthold

"The end of the world": could it finally be here? In Matthew chapter 25, Jesus spoke of a "midnight cry" that proclaims that He, the Bridegroom, is coming. Most of us have heard the expression, "it's the eleventh hour", which conveys the message that it is getting late and time is beginning to run out. And, many of us have also heard the expression, "it's ten minutes to midnight", which means that it is very late and time is almost gone. I honestly believe that neither of these expressions is adequate to describe how extremely late it is in earth's history right now. I would say that it is "one minute" before midnight. We need to get ready to proclaim that "the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, is coming".       Read more..

33. Truth In The Bible . By Dave Ingram

What the Bible says about truth and lying. Read more..

34. The Ten Commandments. By Dave Ingram

The ten commandments given to Israel by God in the book of Exodus stand out among many ancient codes of law as a set of governing principles that have stood the test of time. The ten commandments have done more to influence the tenants of government around and societal norms across the globe than any other body of law. A study of the ten commandments can reveal much to modern readers about the way humanity is meant to function in a perfect world. Read more

35. What is Character? By Nancy Wood

... "Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny."     Read more


10 Reasons To Trust The Faithfulness of God
by Ngozi Nwoke
9/01/2011 / Christian Living

What has God promised you in His word or laid in your heart that is yet to be fulfilled? Do you wonder whether God will still do what He said He would do for you? I have good news for you - God is faithful to keep all His promises to you now and forever more.

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