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Tuesday, 05 July 2011 20:30
  1. New Year Considerations
    by Ramona Cook

    Our well intentioned Resolutions are only air unless we put them into a workable form; a planned form, and then proceed to use the determination and self-discipline that is required to bring about success to whatever degree it materializes for us. Pray. Plan. Proceed!
    Direction. Detail. Determination. Destination! Read More

  2. Three Essential Leadership Qualities
    By Greg Baker

    Anyone who is in a position of leadership must be able to exhibit the qualities in this article. From a parent to an employer to a politician, these leadership qualities are essential to being a good leader. Read more.

  3. Joseph's Work Ethic

    By Wangari Murathe

    Joseph's character traits ensured his success at everything he did and was a pathway to peace and inner joy.  Read More

  4. The Dirty Dozen: Stumbling Blocks to Good Christian Leadership By Sheldon Bass

    The Dirty Dozen Stumbling Blocks to Good Christian Leadership include: personal agendas, low self esteem, viewing an assignment as rank or privilege rather than responsibility, lack of skills or Knowledge...Read More

  5. GOTTA DO IT ALL by Karen Anderson

    You will make yourself sick from the micro- manager attitude. Release and delegate the work. Become less controlling and anxious. LET IT GO!  Read more

  6. Changing Lives

    by Billie Jo Youmans

    We all want to make a difference. The founders of Trades of Hope took that desire and created opportunities around the world. Now parties with a purpose are changing the lives of people in America, Uganda, Haiti, India, Afghanistan and more. Read more

  7. The Christian Worker
    by Udeme Anosike

    We often under-estimate the value that a genuine Christian can bring to a workplace. The virtues needed to build a successful businesses (excellence, integrity, respect, customer friendliness, accountability, and more) are similar to the character traits that the Holy Spirit develops in Christians as we mature in our relationships with God. Read more

    by Dr Sur ya Daimari

    Our life is full of aspiration, pep and ambition. Your confidence, determination, hard work and abundant faith in God will ensure a life of abundance.  Read More

  9. Common C.V. Errors you must avoid By Walter Tsuro

    Always remember that employers and agencies come across many C.V's and therefore are only scanning for relevant C.V.s. They do not have time - they simply sift through for C.Vs that immediately stand out from the rest. Read More

  10. Christian Entrepreneurship: A Lesson From A Faithful Widow

    By Vernessa Taylor

    A woman looked for God's provision and was very surprised at the way He provided it. It was through an entrepreneurial miracle! Read More

  11. Real Success

    by Susan Ferguson

    This is written to all ages, but especially to the Baby Boomers. It is never too late for God to do something wonderful in your life. Read More

  12. Money Matters: Financial Stewardship

By Beatrice Ofwona

Psychologists see money as a deficiency need which motivates those who do not have it. Economists see it as an abnormal commodity to which the law of diminishing returns does not apply such that the more one gets the more one wants. Problems with money lead to relationship failures; it even leads to suicide and psychosomatic illnesses.What then do we need to know about it? Read More.

4.  Generosity Matters By Beatrice Ofwona

We should ask God to guard us from the love of things that he has put us in charge of. We are only custodians of what He has blessed us with; we are not the owners of these things. All the wealth that we think belongs to us is really His. We should learn from the Israelites who when they tried to keep the manna, realized that it went bad.  Read More

4.  The Key to Success in Life

by Frank King

Talk is cheap. Realizing success in life requires that we conscientiously do the things that enable us to avoid failure.  Read More

5. Christian Entrepreneurship: A Lesson From A Faithful Widow

By Vernessa Taylor

A woman looked for God's provision and was very surprised at the way He provided it. It was through an entrepreneurial miracle! Read More

6.The 6 steps to Customer Conflict Resolution By Michael Blunk Th D

Mishandling customers is one sure way to squeeze the life blood out of your business. Read More

7. Success: King David’s Way By W. Murathe.

David of the Bible is a very inspiring character. He was a shepherd, singer, king, husband and father. He was very passionate in whatever he did and even though he made a lot of mistakes, he is referred to as a man after God’s own heart. We can derive a lot of lessons from his life. One of them is how we can be successful in any endeavour we attempt whether it is in business, education or even relationships. Here we compare his fight with the giant Goliath (1 Samuel: 17) with successful entrepreneurship....Read more

8. Smart Goals towards Growing your Business By Wangari Murathe

In order to ensure effectiveness and success of a business, it must have clear focused goals to attain specific objectives These goals must be S.M.A.R.T..... Read more

8. Small Beginnings Matter By Reuben Mathenge

The small steps that you make are great milestones in disguise; and only time will tell.  Unfortunately, many potential achievers fail to make it, out of fear.  Read more

9.  Beware of the Fatal Attraction of Ponzi Schemes By Mary Isaacs

Many people cannot resist the allure of investment schemes that promise extraordinary high returns in a short period of time. That is why many have been caught up from time to time in fraudulent schemes that did not live up to their promise of great riches. Often they manage to take all that you have and then some.....Read More

10. An interview with Josephine Mboya of Ruaraka Academy

Josephine Mboya is the proprietor of Ruaraka Academy. She grew the school from a kindergarten housed in a residential house to the current high performing school with 700 pupils. In this interview with Woman of Faith she tells of her struggles and success. Read more…

11. King Solomon's Keys - Learning from the Wealthiest Man Who Ever Lived. By Pastor Bobby Keating.
If you have ever heard of King Solomon, you have heard two distinct characteristics related to him. He was the wisest man and he was the richest man to have ever lived. Read more..

12.So You Want To Start a Business - Six Steps To Help You Succeed By Jill Hart

When starting a business the first step is easy. Before we do anything else we must simply decide to begin. Every decision following that one tends to be more difficult. However, we have a few tips to help get your started down the path to starting your dream business. Read more..

13. Are You Ready to be an Entrepreneur? By Marie Grossett
Running a business has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding things I have ever done. Rewarding because of the fact you are giving people a product that they like and you are achieving something. Challenging because the consistent hard work that goes into it, especially in the early stages. In terms of marketing, building creditability, making sales, and planning. Read more..

12. Choosing the Home-Business That's Right For You By Jill Hart

Starting down a new career path can be both exciting and terrifying. There are a lot of tools on the market that can help you determine what type of career field you should enter. But what if your chosen "career path" is being an entrepreneur and running a home-based business? Do the rules change? Below are five questions to ask yourself to help you determine what type of business might be right for you. Read more..

14. Marketing Basics - Wise Counsel. By Pastor Bobby Keating

We can define the essence of marketing as 'understanding your customers' needs and developing a plan that addresses those needs.' By understanding marketing in this way, a business owner who has a desire to 'grow' his business can set the proper goals. Read more..

15. Creating a Vision is a Recipe for Success . By Rhonda Jones

Habbakuk 2:2 tells us to write our vision on the wall and make it plain so that those to hear it may run with it. A concrete vision plan focuses your energies. It causes universal forces to get in alignment to make your dreams come true. Learn more about how creating a vision can create the life you want.  Read more..



Real Success

by Susan Ferguson

This is written to all ages, but especially to the Baby Boomers. It is never too late for God to do something wonderful in your life.

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